Besides metal ceramic crown and bridge work, Dentaal Labo Ghysens BVBA specifically specializes in “full ceramic aesthetic restorations”. We have also built a strong competence in the field of fixed and removable implant cases. We specialize in the bio-functional fully removable prosthesis.

The lab boasts innovative and high-quality CAD Cam systems (in-house milling, 3D printing) which allow us to provide the best solution for each situation. We can rely on our knowhow to find a solution for complex and aesthetic situations on both traditional and digital prints.

The use of the best and newest raw materials and technologies as well as the correct application and development of new techniques, work protocols and schedules are all interwoven in the lab’s DNA.

In this light, accumulating expertise in knowledge of materials is an absolute top priority for us.




The core activities of “Dentaal Labo Ghysens BVBA” concern the production of dental crown and bridge work, fixed and removable implant solutions and removable prosthetics.

The focus is always on delivering sustainable top quality in terms of aesthetics, functionality as well as technology.
Creating added value and peace of mind for both the treating team and the patient are of paramount importance to us.


We aim for a predictable and interdisciplinary working method, in which good communication with all parties involved is key.

Dentaal Labo Ghysens relies on a small but high-performing team that manages to combine passion, creativity and craftsmanship with the current high-tech developments.

We also engage in other activities such as giving lectures, trainings and completing consultancy projects. These activities ensure that we are always the first in line to take on the latest trends and technological developments in the industry.


Dental Lab Ghysens B.V.B.A.

Brusselbaan 200



T.:  +32 (0) 53 39 69 68

M.:   +32 (0) 476 23 48 30


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Pieter Ghysens

Dental technician

Creativity, passion and drive are the building blocks that pave the road of discovery to deciphering and reconstructing natural teeth.
Add to those the accumulation of technological knowledge and experience and you get the tools for creating a new smile. Understanding and recognizing the needs and wishes of patients as well as maintaining their personality are key.
We are always looking to inspire, stimulate and motivate each other so we can grow together to a higher level.